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sheikxlink_fc's Journal

The Hero of Time, and the Sheikah Warrior.
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A fan-community for SheikxLink fans...A.K.A. Shink fans♥
MODERATOR: lady_noremon
CO-MAINTAINER: arora_kayd

Established Since; September 8TH, 2004

"Ok first created by lady_noremon, the sheikxlink_fc is a very tiny, but very friendly and fun community."__Nor-chan_17-05-2006

This community/club is here to support the wonderful 'romantic' pairing of Link and Sheik, from The Legend of Zelda.

People who are all "Sheik is Zelda, you retarded fag whores!" Are not exacly welcome here. In this club Sheik shall usally be refered to as a guy [though if you want to go with a female-Sheik, you are welcome to it!]... And sorry for the whole fowl language ^^;


0. Please put anything with a rating at or over Teen/NC-17 under a Community Friends Lock.

This is all self-explainitory

1. You must support this pairing to join.
That doesn't mean that this must be you favorite pairing, but you mustn't critize it.

2. You must be respectful to the other members of the group.
This means no flamming, or public hatred. If you have a problem with one of the other members, please inform "The Club Mod'"-->(lady_noremon@yahoo.ca) or lady_noremon. She will decide the best course of action, and most likely ask you to settle it in private.

3. Post a introductory post.
It may seem simple enough but this rule is to prevent complete "Lurkers".

4. Don't be scared of the other members.
Post anything that you may have, withoutt fear of flamming. {Except for if it is a differt main pairing :P (ie. LinkxDark Link)}

5. Share.
This may be one of the most important fun rules. Since this is a very obscure fandom, members are asked to share pictures and such from there own personal collections/themselves. Sorry.

6. Post content here directly.
It is preferred for LJ Archive-ing sake that people please make posts directly to the community instead of linking to another journal entry.

Okay, think you can handle it?

"WELCOME TO THE GROUP! >^____^< *huggle*"____Nor-chan_08-01-2005

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