DreamWidth importing!

Hey, lovelies! The new LiveJournal TOS is scary, and worrying of what more they'll add/change.

Years ago I really didn't want to migrate to DreamWidth. I still don't like the thoughts of Members not being notified of comments received elsewhere, and the whole moving content without permission. But this is definitely on the side of protection of content! I wouldn't call it a move [actually posting access isn't open], but I just want you to know that I've started a Community import over on [community profile] sheikxlink_fc!

Which helps since semagic & LJ-Archive have been having trouble with my back-ups.
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[ f i c ] The further I get from you | Ch. 1

Oh my, this community's been dead for while, but thanks to Hyrule Warriors and a prompt from a friend, I started writing fic for it, so I thought I'd post.

Fandom: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Pairing: Link/Sheik
Rating: T for descriptions of gore
Words: 4,000
Notes: I'm running with male!Sheik with Zelda as a separate entity within him. Playing fast and loose with Sheikah and Gerudo culture.
Summary: In which the Gerudo Desert takes a life of its own and Sheik struggles with the uncertainty of the final confrontation with Ganondorf in relation to Link and Zelda, but not himself. Eventually they talk some sense into him, but not before the desert almost kills them in very different ways. Amongst a lot of instrospection and self-denial.

( The desert sand cruches between his teeth like brittle bones )

( Also on Ao3 )
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two Sheiks fanart by biahnyang

Another low quality thumbnail screenshot. After having someone posted something I made without even informing me that they had, and then being rude when I contacted them, I've been more edgy about posting full things without asking. But as it is asking to post for an obscure pairing, I fear asking. So low quality screenshots of thumbnails. Go to the link for the full version!

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Also; LJArchive & Semagic have been broken for archiving since last year which is why I haven't been posting archives u___u;
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Triforce Heroes demo codes!

As Nintendo apparently loves me, I have 2 extra codes for the demo. I'll leave this locked to Members for 24 hours (as despite lack of activity, I am still fond of everyone that has been here).

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You’ve been selected to try out The Legend of Zelda™: Tri Force Heroes game before it’s released.

Here’s how it works:
•Use the code below to download the demo.
•Once downloaded, you can play the available dungeon with two friends* via local play. (Other modes such as single-player and download play won’t be available.)
•You can also try out online co-op mode during these hours:
10/16: 5 PM - 10 PM PT
10/17: 5 PM - 10 PM PT
10/18: 7 AM - 12 PM PT

Enter your code on Nintendo eShop:

If you claim one just post a comment, please!

Now public.
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Free "Hyrule Warriors" costume code.

I bought "Hyrule Warriors" from Amazon as living rural, receiving a game a few days late in the postal mail beats 4 hours round-trip on a transit bus for the nearest EB Games. Anyway since I bought from they sent me the Twilight Princess pre-order costume set code, but also sent me a different code too. So the extra code is free to whoever comments here first and has a Wii U [yes I know it's all but abandoned, but has a special place in my heart♥]. Claimed!~

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